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What Is Spanish Food vs. Mexican Food?

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7 Nov

What Is Spanish Food vs. Mexican Food?

What is Spanish Food vs. Mexican Food?


Although Mexico and Spain share a language, their heritage, cultures, and ways of life are very different. When the Spanish conquistadors arrived in the Americas, they had an impact on the Latin American countries that they colonized. However, those countries themselves had had a distinctive way of behaving, living, and, of course, eating, that remained unchanged by the arrival of the Spanish. Despite the fact that Spain ruled Mexico for generations and introduced many of its own ways to the Mexican people since it gained its independence, Mexico has developed its own culture and, most importantly, its own cuisine. While those who are familiar with both types of food will notice the Spanish influences in Mexican cuisine, its taste is very different from the traditional foods prepared in Spain.


What is Spanish Cuisine?


Spanish cuisine is prepared using dishes that have been influenced by Spain’s many diverse regions. Having been enriched by the various people who settled in the country over the centuries, including the Persians, Arabs, Romans, and Indians, Spanish food combines a wide range of ingredients and flavors. Considered to be a Mediterranean cuisine, some of the elements that characterize Spanish food include garlic, which is used heavily in many dishes, tomatoes, sweet peppers, and olives.

What is Spanish Cuisine?







Tapas from Spain. A varied mix of the most the popular tapa Mediterranean food.


What is Mexican Cuisine?


Mexican food combines European cuisine with distinctly native Mesoamerican flavors. Although there are some Spanish elements involved in its preparation, the main ingredients tend to be those that are grown locally, such as chili peppers, beans, and corn. Tortillas are commonly used in Mexican cuisine rather than bread, and the focus tends to be on meats rather than seafood.

What is Mexican Food?







Mexican taco with meat, beans and chili peppers.


Difference Between Mexican And Spanish Food


So the question is, What is Spanish Food vs. Mexican Food? Although there are a number of similarities between Spanish and Mexican food, there are many more differences. The main variation comes in the kinds of ingredients that are used. Spanish cuisine tends to use more fish and shellfish, as well as olive oil, eggplants, and potatoes. On the other hand, Mexican cuisine uses lots of chili peppers, meats, such as pork, chicken, and beef, and tortillas.


Although tortillas exist in both cultures, they are very different. In Mexico, tortillas are made from corn flour, whereas in Spain they are a kind of omelet made from eggs and potatoes. Flan is another type of food that is served in both countries. However, again, both countries have different ways of making it.


In general, Mexican cuisine is a lot spicier than Spanish cuisine, and many popular Mexican dishes contain chili powder, chipotle, habanero peppers, cloves, and garlic. Meanwhile, Spanish food is generally much milder, and although peppers are used, they are less dominant, and ingredients, such as saffron, are used rather than spices to give the cuisine its aroma and flavor.


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