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What is Salsa Sauce?

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29 Nov

What is Salsa Sauce?

What is Salsa Sauce?

Salsa is one of the best known Mexican dishes. It’s used many ways, from a dipping sauce with nachos to a taco or fajita topping. But, what exactly is it, and where did Salsa food come from?


What Is the Salsa Food definition?

The word “salsa” means “sauce” in Spanish. It’s a staple in Mexican and Central American cuisines, although the term has different meanings depending on where you are. There are many types of Mexican salsa. Some are cooked; some are not. Some are served hot while others are served cold. Some are chunky and others are smooth. When we think of salsa, we think of “salsa roja” or “red salsa,” which is what we have with chips. However, there are many other kinds.


The History of Salsa

Salsa traces its origin to the Incas, Aztecs, and Maya. These early civilizations cultivated tomato and pepper plants and developed hot pepper varieties. Even before Christopher Columbus’ arrival, tomatoes and peppers had spread into Central America and Mexico and their use were commonplace.

When the Spanish conquered Mexico in the early 16th century, they discovered tomatoes, marking the starting point of salsa’s history. The Aztec lords mixed tomatoes with ground squash seeds and chili peppers and served it as a condiment with fish, shellfish, venison, and turkey. In 1571, the term “salsa” was first used by Alonso de Molina. And, a culinary phenomenon was born.


Which Ingredients are in Salsa?

As you might imagine, the main ingredient in red salsa sauce is tomatoes, mixed with onions and peppers. It’s possible to find both spicy and mild versions depending on the chili peppers used. Salsa is low in calories and has a high fiber content. It also contains many vitamins. It’s a healthy food to include in the everyday diet, especially for those who are trying to lose weight. There are, however, other kinds of salsa with different ingredients.


Types of Mexican Salsa

The various kinds of Mexican salsa sauce available include:

• Pico de gallo – this spicy raw sauce is made from raw tomatoes mixed with onions, cilantro, chili, and lime juice.
• Salsa verde – also known as “green sauce,” this is generally made with cooked tomatillos.
• Salsa Negra –made from garlic, oil, and dried chili.
• Guacamole – although not usually recognized as a form of salsa, guacamole is made from avocados and is a thicker sauce. It is used for dipping.
• Mole – this Mexican sauce is made from chilis, spices, almonds, and unsweetened chocolate.


What Countries Around the World Eat Salsa?

Although salsa is best known as a Mexican dish, some forms of salsa can be found elsewhere in the world. In Argentina, chimichurri salsa, made from vinegar and parsley, is a popular condiment. Costa Ricans favor Salsa Lizano, which is a brown smooth sauce, and Mojo Salsa, made from citrus juice, olive oil, and garlic, is popular in the Caribbean. Peri-peri salsa is popular in Peru. This sauce can be exceptionally hot depending on the type of chili used. In the Mediterranean, there are also less spicy versions, including Salsa Brava, which is a paprika-flavored sauce often served with potatoes in Spain, and an Italian variant of Salsa Verde that is made with herbs.

Today, many countries eat salsa, either as an accompaniment to a Mexican meal or as a dipping sauce.


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