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Mexican Cooking – 5 Mexican Essential Spices

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20 Nov

Mexican Cooking – 5 Mexican Essential Spices

Mexican Cooking – 5 Mexican Essential Spices


What are Mexican Spices?


If you’re looking to extend your understanding of Mexican food beyond your nearest Taco Bell, it’s essential that you first stock your kitchen pantry with the five most important Mexican essential spices in Mexican cuisine.  It is virtually impossible to find a Mexican dish that doesn’t contain at least one of these flavorful spices, so grab all five and start cooking!




Cumin plants grow all around the world, and its dried seeds are used in cuisines all the way from Southeast Asia to South America.  It is an essential ingredient in Mexican cuisine, appearing in achiote spice pastes, taco seasoning and Tex-Mex chili powders.  New research suggests that eating one teaspoon a day of ground cumin could help with weight loss, so stir some into your soup, add it to your favorite guacamole or hummus recipe, or sprinkle it on top of a fried egg.




Often paired with cumin, coriander is the term commonly used to refer to the seeds of the plant that Americans call cilantro.  Coriander seeds can be eaten both whole and ground, and are one of the main flavorings in chorizo sausage.  Coriander also flavors plant-based dishes, being a welcome addition to homemade pickles and slow-cooked beans.




Mexico actually has its own variety of cinnamon, called Mexican cinnamon, which is famous for being especially soft and floral.  Mexican cinnamon gets used in both sweet and savory dishes.  Oaxacan mole sauce relies heavily on cinnamon, as do traditional pumpkin candies (dulces de Calabasas).  Cinnamon is one of the world’s original superfoods; it is rumored to help fight diabetes, high cholesterol, and even cancer.




Mexican oregano differs from its more-common Mediterranean counterpart in that it has a brighter, more citrus-like flavor.  It’s no surprise that it is closely related to lemon verbena!  Mexican oregano works especially well with fish, chicken and tomato dishes, so stir some into your homemade posole or use it to garnish your fish tacos.


Crushed Red Pepper


Crushed red pepper is made from drying and crushing (but not grinding) spicy red chile peppers.  They are best used to up the heat factor in slow-cooking dishes like soups and sauces, but can also be sprinkled atop a finished dish to add a last-minute pop of heat.  Chile peppers are rich in both Vitamin A and Vitamin C.


Fortunately, you don’t have to travel to Mexico to pick up these spices; they’re all available in your local supermarket.


Time to Eat Out and Enjoy


If you want to truly enjoy the flavor that all of these Mexican essential spices have to offer it is best to eat at a restaurant where the chef is an expert and has a special flair in cooking and adding just the right spices and ingredients to each meal.


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