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Is a Mexican Diet Healthy?

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16 Nov

Is a Mexican Diet Healthy?

Is a Mexican Diet Healthy?


With more than a third of the U.S. population being classed as clinically obese, it’s no wonder there are more people on diets. When trying to stick to a calorie-controlled regime, it can be difficult to eat out — the temptation to eat salty, fatty, and sugary foods can be high — so choosing the right place to go is very important. “Is Mexican food bad for you?” is a question often asked by people who are trying to choose a restaurant where they can eat without damaging the good work they have done while dieting.


When most people think about Mexican cuisine, they think about deep-fried food, cheese, and lots of sour cream, none of which is good for the waistline. However, the good news is Mexican food doesn’t need to be unhealthy. In fact, it can offer lots of health benefits.


Is Mexican Food High in Sodium?


High blood pressure is a common problem these days, so keeping sodium levels down is a must. Managing salt intake can be challenging at the best of times, especially when going out to eat. The good news is there are many meals on the menu in Mexican restaurants that aren’t too salt-heavy.


Using guacamole as a topping for salads and tacos instead of a dressing will help keep salt levels down. Opt for plain grilled meat instead of marinated steak or chicken. Replace the starchy rice dishes with potatoes, which are lower in sodium, and avoid eating too many tortillas and nacho chips.


Making Healthy Meal Choices


Although deep-fried taco bowls, cheese-loaded quesadillas, and sour cream toppings are all delicious, they don’t help cut the calories. Luckily, there are other tasty Mexican dishes that won’t pile on the pounds and still taste great.


  • Instead of choosing tacos with crunchy shells, choose a soft tortilla dish instead. Soft tortillas are baked instead of fried, so they save a lot of calories.
  • Black beans represent an ideal menu choice for dieters. They are full of protein, low in fat and contain lots of fiber. However, avoiding refried beans is essential because they are made with all kinds of fattening ingredients, such as cheese, bacon, and lard.
  • Avoid dairy-based dips. Nacho cheese, sour cream, and con queso dips may be delicious with chips, but they are packed with calories and fat. Ask for fat-free, low-calorie salsa instead.
  • Ordering bean burritos rather than cheese or beef will cut back on calories while loading up on healthy fiber.
  • Avoiding deep-fried dishes, such as chimichangas, taquitos, and chalupas is key. Chicken fajitas would be a better choice, perhaps with some whole-wheat tortillas or marinated vegetables as a side dish.


Mexican Restaurants are Great Places to Eat Healthy


Although Mexican restaurants are often associated with unhealthy food, they are no worse than any other kind of cuisine. In fact, Mexican restaurants are great places to eat healthily. The tasty flavors of chili, onions, peppers, and avocados make vegetables, beans, and low-fat meats exciting and delicious, with an authentic taste from south of the border.


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