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Feliz Navidad and Buen Provecho

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22 Nov

Feliz Navidad and Buen Provecho

In Mexico, Christmas is celebrated from December 12 to January 6 with parties called Posadas, meaning “inn” or “lodging.” There are nine Posadas representing the part of the Christmas story when Mary and Joseph search for a place to stay. Each night, a party, or Posada, is held at someone’s home, and food plays a big part in these celebrations.

Here are some of the foods that are traditionally eaten at Christmastime in Mexico, either during Christmas Eve dinner or during the Posadas, leading up to Christmas.

  • Turkey, or Pavo, is a popular meal served during Christmas dinner. It is typically roasted and served with mole, a sauce made with ground chiles.
  • The Mexican Christmas Salad, Ensalada de Noche Buena, is served at Christmas Eve dinner. It usually has lettuce and beets, but may include apple, carrot, orange, pineapple, jicama, pecans or peanuts.
  • Tamales are delicious dumplings wrapped in corn husks and steamed. They can be filled with all kinds of meat from shredded pork to chicken or poblano peppers and cheese.
  • Bacalao is dried salted codfish that is a popular dish on the Christmas dinner table. It is commonly made with tomatoes, capers, olives, and potatoes.
  • Romeritos is similar to the rosemary plant. It also consists of dried shrimp and potatoes all contained within a mole sauce.
  • Pozole is a hearty soup made with pork or chicken and seasoned with chile and garlic. It is often served with Christmas dinner.
  • Banuelos is a delicious, crispy fried treat saved for dessert. It’s usually sprinkled with sugar or drizzled with syrup.
  • Ponche Navideno is a fruit punch flavored with cinnamon and Mexican hawthorn. Often apples other fruit, and a touch of alcohol are added to the drink.
  • Rosca de Reyes is a sweet bread that is served on Dia de Reyes on January 6.

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